Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lab 1

Blake Smith
Lab 1
Website Evaluation

Two Websites that I find interesting:

  • - this website is unique due to its main feature and use. The purpose of this website is run a diagnostics check on your personal computer's hardware and compare those statistics with those of current video game's minimum and recommended settings. 

  • - Although we are all familiar with Google and its many uses, Google continues to expand and create more uses for itself. File sharing, email, text/video chat, and many more features are available through Google. 

Two Website that I find resourceful:

  • Wiki - Although wiki is open to the public to edit, it does not take away from its ability to provide resources to those in need, whether it is the information portrayed on the Wiki page or a link related to the topic I always find a use for Wikipedia. 

  • And Again Google - Google provides simple means of searching the entire web for information, none compares. 
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. What to do, What you can get by with, What not to do.

1) The Good -  Its simple to use, easy to navigate and has a design that doesn't hurt the eyes.

2) The Bad - "runescape" or Started off as a simple java scripted browser game that my brother plays, however over the years it has become so cluttered with videos, sound clips, etc that it takes quite a while to load just the homepage. although easy to navigate, terrible for the user whom is not connected to the fastest of internet connections. 

3) The Ugly - "", this is a website owned by the company I work for. Its design is terrible, the text and colors extremely hard on the eyes, AND has an excusable amount of spelling mistakes. 

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